Thursday, August 23, 2012

Under Armour and Embroidery

I always get a good laugh when I do projects of the "domestic" variety and the boys groan. Almost always, they end up being some the best weavers or sewers. I overheard one of the boys say "this is woman's work" and we all had a good laugh and pointed out how great he was at it. My fifth grade students are learning about the history and art of embroidery. We spent a day practicing on burlap with yarn. They immediately got the hang of it and will begin embroidering their final piece next week. I will share those when we get them underway!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ready or not.....

Ready or not.....we are back in school! I had a great Summer with my family and we are truly off to a great start here at High Shoals Elementary. I have survived the repetition of saying the rules a gazillion times and we are getting into the fun stuff around here. Here are a few sneak peaks of beginning projects. I hope to post often this school year so don't be a stranger! Welcome Back!

I purchased sketch books for 5th graders this year. They were a little excited.