Tuesday, December 6, 2011

3rd Grade Musical Preparations!

Our 3rd Grade students have been hard at work in their Music class preparing for their Christmas musical, "Dear Santa". I have put them to work in my art class, as well! Mrs. Eggleston and I really make the school musicals a student centered event where they create the sets and their own costumes. The set this year will resemble a whimsical neighborhood. The kids have been creating these colorful homes that will fill the gym wall where they perform. Here is a sneak peak of the houses in progress.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Currently on exhibit: 2nd Grade Mexican Folk art inspired work

Students in two of our 2nd grade classes learned about the folk art of Mexico. They were instructed to incorporate their hand in their story telling design somewhere. The students painted and used Mexico's characteristic yarn painting technique as well as incorporating some metal tooling into their piece.

Currently on exhibit: 4th Grade Modigliani inspired work

Students in 4th grade studied the work of Amadeo Modigliani and his elongated portraits. They created their self portrait in his style. They are currently on exhibit in the Fine Arts hall.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kindergarten Self Portrait Love

Kindergarten students recently finished their annual Self Portrait lesson. This is one project that I repeat each year. What parent wouldn't melt when they see these?

We love Romare Bearden!

Students in Third Grade have been looking at the fabulous work of Romare Bearden. Here is a sneak peak at the beginning of their Bearden inspired city scapes. Our focus has been on understanding Foreground, Middleground, and Background. We are currently laying down background colors and will begin the process of bringing our cities to life next week. Check back to see how these evolve!

Our Empty Bowls Dinner was amazing!

Our First Annual Empty Bowls Dinner was a tremendous success. The students, HSES Staff, and parents worked so hard to pull off this meaningful event. I am very proud of this new tradition we have started here at our school. My 2nd through 5th grade students made the bowls in partner groups and glazed them with a partner. By the time a bowl was complete, 4 kids had worked on it. Kindergarten through 5th students made the napkin rings and center peices. Each family that attended was served a delicious meal, enjoyed some great local entertainment, and got to pick out a bowl to take home. Here are some pictures of students working to put together this event.
  Helping paint a sign
Putting together centerpieces
Hiding in the Centerpieces

Painting backdrop signs
 Making last minute flowers when we realized we didn't have enough

The backdrop for our entertainment

Our hardworking Bus Boys

The HSES Art Room is Blogging!

I am very excited to have a BLOG for my art room here at HSES! This will be a fun place to post work being done and exciting upcoming events. I hope to post often so please come back soon!