Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Frank Stella Inspired Relief Sculptures

Fifth Grade students learned about the artist Frank Stella. They were inspired by his relief sculptures from the 1990's. The students were to show an activity in an abstract way. Some chose sports while others picked every day mundane activities. They used shapes, colors, and patterns that depicted their activity and the way they feel while doing it. We discussed how some types of lines and patterns give us a feeling of tension and high energy while others are soothing and relaxing. The same idea applies to colors and their connections to feelings. These were all things that the students thought about when creating their sculptures.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Musical Success!

Our Third Grade Christmas musical was in December and it was a huge success! Our music teacher, Clare Eggleston, did a fantastic job with the kids. They sounded great and the music was adorable. The sets turned out great and I hope to use the whimsical houses for other things in the future. I only took pictures with my cell phone so excuse the poor quality.