Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kindergarten line and shape oceans

Kindergarten students always begin the year with the elements of art and this project focuses on line and shape. They started by painting different types of lines with several shades of blue paint. They were encouraged to makes a lot of lines and they could overlap and repeat lines to create the "water" for their ocean. Next, they got to come over to the printing station and add some bubble wrap "bubbles" to their ocean. In the following classes we covered shapes and how we could use shapes to create a fish and other ocean life. Students loved picking their favorite patterned scrap book papers for their tropical fish. This was a great lesson to discuss proper painting techniques, cutting and gluing skills, and drawing and cutting on a line skills. These aren't quite finished yet but are turning out super cute!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Alma Thomas and first grade

I LOVE Alma Thomas's work and my first graders do too. It's so vibrant and full of color. My first graders liked trying to Interpret her abstract work. I have seen lots of Thomas inspired student work around the web including my sweet friend's from The Blue Horse blog. I decided to do my own spin on Alma Thomas's gorgeous work. This was a great elements of art review for the kids and also a good fine motor, cutting, gluing task. I'm loving how these are turning out!