Friday, November 22, 2013

Fun Photo Friday

Mine too! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Kindergarten Birdies

Students in kindergarten have been focusing on the elements of art. They started with a color mixing activity using red, yellow, and blue. They mixed the colors on the paper and created a page filled with stripes of new colors. They were required to make green, orange and purple. Later in the class I gave them some white paint so they could experiment with making tints. In the next class, they learned about different types of lines and added line designs with oil pastels on top of their painted stripes. The following classes were spent looking at birds of South America. We talked about shapes we needed to use to create a tropical bird. After making the head and body, I taught them how to cut strips from their rainbow paper to make feathers for their bird. This step took several class times but was a great lesson in fine motor skills as well as appropriate glue usage. This was a great multiple step lesson with tons of opportunities to improve their fine motor skills.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fun Photo Friday,

They weren't supposed to be playing with their palette....but it sure made something cool.

I'm ALWAYS amazed at what kids can create with simple Lego blocks.

Kindergarten glue at it's best.

Happy Weekend!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fun Photo Friday

I think I will start trying to post fun pictures each Friday! They will most likely be random snippets of things from my week and lessons but it will hopefully keep me blogging more regularly. Happy FRIDAY!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Making a splash with David Hockney

Students in third grade learned about the artist David Hockney. We focused especially on his California influenced pool paintings from the 60's and 70's. I saw a similar project on the blog "Kids Artists". The students were focusing on line, shape, and color while working on these. We also spent a good bit of time thinking about how our hair and body look different when submerged under water. The kids loved creating the look of weightlessness in their self portrait. Hockney used interesting techniques to create the effect of light shining in on the water of his pool paintings and we tried to recreate that. I love how they all look so much like the child that made them. Great job third graders!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fifth Grade Optical Illusions

I saw a similar project to this online and decided it would be a successful project for my fifth graders. They had to use a cool color on their hands and a warm color on their background. This project went pretty quickly and was a good first project that everyone was successful with. It was a great reminder about overlapping, as well. They loved looking at different examples of optical illusions each week and I shared some of M.C. Escher's work too. 

Book making fun!

My fourth grade students have been learning about book arts! We have looked at completely handmade books and artists that create altered books.these students are creating books all about themselves like a visual diary.We started with a large manilla envelope and painted interesting textures on both sides. Next, we created a plate for the front cover with their names in ransom note style letters. They are adding color to the pages that will eventually go inside with bleeding art tissue and water to make a tie dye effect. I plan to fold the pages so that each page has a pocket and I will sew them in the books with my sewing machine. In the coming weeks the students will have various assignments for creating the art that will go in the pockets. Stay tuned for more updates on this big project!