Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First day fun

We are back!!! Actually, we have been back several weeks and the days are flying by. I always struggle with what to do with my students on the first day of art. I, obviously, cover rules and procedures but then what? I like to do something quick and fun to get them excited about the year. This time I decided to have my third, fourth, and fifth graders create a collaborative wall hanging to fill our stark new year walls. I quickly shared some weavings from Central America and we looked at some of the latest fashions inspired by these weavings. I think I had at least one child wearing an Aztec print in every class I taught! The students worked in groups adding their own rows of patterns to the "weavings". When a new class came in, they would just pick up where the previous group left off. Some of the last groups glued on the yarn fringe. I love the pop of color they bring to our hall!


  1. Love these! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Replies
    1. It is paper, Sarah! I have rolls of paper that are from the recycling plant. It's actually the paper that gets crimped and goes in corrugated cardboard. It's brown like a paper sack and it's pretty heavy duty. It almost feels like canvas when painted. I use it for EVERYTHING!

  3. These look amazing. Big and bold, which is hard to achieve when weaving.