Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Empty Bowls Dinner was amazing!

Our First Annual Empty Bowls Dinner was a tremendous success. The students, HSES Staff, and parents worked so hard to pull off this meaningful event. I am very proud of this new tradition we have started here at our school. My 2nd through 5th grade students made the bowls in partner groups and glazed them with a partner. By the time a bowl was complete, 4 kids had worked on it. Kindergarten through 5th students made the napkin rings and center peices. Each family that attended was served a delicious meal, enjoyed some great local entertainment, and got to pick out a bowl to take home. Here are some pictures of students working to put together this event.
  Helping paint a sign
Putting together centerpieces
Hiding in the Centerpieces

Painting backdrop signs
 Making last minute flowers when we realized we didn't have enough

The backdrop for our entertainment

Our hardworking Bus Boys


  1. What a super-cool, fabulous event! I am so blown away by this great idea. Love how you got all the kids and school so involved. Fabulous.

    Was this fundraiser for the art program specifically or for the student body? Or was it a community service project?

    If you have time, please respond to I am super interested in your suggestions/input.

  2. Hello,

    I too love this idea.. I remember doing something similar in college and would love to do it at my elementary school. I did bring up the idea to the administration earlier this year and would love to hear about any tips, tricks, and or resources that you used when planning/organizing this event!


  3. Hi I too am in the process of trying to bring this event to my elementary school. If you could email me any tips, tricks or resources that you used for planning/organizing this event any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Sarah SSTUTZMAN@PGSD.ORG

  4. Hello! I love looking at the fabulous work you and your students are making! I found your blog when I googled searched "empty bowls art class." I noticed a student wearing an "athens I love you" shirt and realized you had to be close by! I graduated from UGA and now teach elementary art in Lincolnton ( near Augusta ). I am trying to put together an empty bowls event and would love to have some tips or resources. When you get a chance, email me please!

    Thanks!! Great work!