Thursday, May 24, 2012

Starry Night Owls (and a temporary farewell)

These Starry Night owls were done with Kindergarten. It was sort of a last minute idea that ended up being really fun and we ran out of time. My best ideas are always at the last minute. Anyway, I feel like the project can be improved upon but we just couldn't squeeze it in! I felt like a drill sergeant trying to get them to PAINT, CUT, GLUE, OIL PASTEL all in the last few class times before Summer break. This will be my last post for this school year. We are officially out until early August! Wahoo! I am thrilled about spending some relaxed time with my husband and children. I will be back with more fun projects to share in August! Happy Summer!!!!


  1. I'm an art teacher in western Australia and I've enjoyed browsing your blog. I love these owls! We are just approaching mid year in our school calendar but I'll pop back to see what you are up to after your break.

  2. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them! :)