Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall display and my deep love and effection for textured painted papers

It's Fall y'all! I recently created a Fall themed display in our hall way to celebrate the new season and also our upcoming Fall Fest here at High Shoals Elementary. I made the "art" part and our PTO added the flair with straw bails and pumpkins and the banner. I always use my "kid power", as one of the moms called it once, to get big jobs done. I would much rather see kid made work in the halls than my own, so we spent a Friday in my class working on all the parts to this display. All the classes that came to me on that day contributed in some way; whether is was making painted papers or using those painted papers to create leaves and kids. I used a similar technique to make this display (which is the most viewed post on my blog). Here are photos of my "kid power" at work!

        They were having just a little bit of fun.
       This paper was so gorgeous, I just wanted to keep it!
  The kids love it when I come and just squirt a big ol' glob of paint for them to spread.

   All of the characters were made by teams of students that planned and created them.
   When I think of Fall, I think of playing in a big pile of leaves, don't you?

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