Thursday, May 23, 2013

We are outta' here!

School is OUT here in Oconee County! I sent home all of my student work in the last few weeks and it is always such a relief when I am finished with that massive task. I find that rolling, taping, and labeling their art is the best way to get it home. I have about a 30 second portfolio review with them all before I roll it up. It's a good chat to have with them before they ride off into the sunset. All of the students have at least one picture in our art show and it is mounted on colored construction paper. That work is always placed on the bottom of the roll and provides protection for the art inside. I tell the students to treat their tube of art like a newborn baby :) They think that is fun. I included my "25 Days of Drawing" challenge again this Summer. Any kid that shows me their sketch book in August will get a prize from me. I am sharing the PDF with you all as a parting gift :) Click Here to download it! I adapted mine from some I've seen online so I can't take full credit for the idea but ENJOY! See you in August!

Some 2nd graders with their "babies"


  1. How do you store all of their artwork? Do you not do portfolios? I did portfolios but sent them home with them. I guess I could have kept those that were going to be at the same school next year and just send home their work....any thoughts?

    1. Hi kim! I have never made portfolios. I just never wanted to take the time or use the paper to do it. I have lots of art teacher friends that swear by it, though. I bind projects together with jumbo bulldog clips and I have a closet with 6 shelves. I just have a shelf for each grade. It works for me!