Thursday, April 26, 2012

PiCaSsO FuN!

My sweet First grade students studied the work of Pablo Picasso. I love sharing his work with the young ones and it's always interesting to see their reaction to his work. They created some Picasso inspired portraits that turned out so well. Here is one class with their finished work and my precious high school student, Savannah. She is in an education class at North Oconee High School that gives her the opportunity to spend several hours a week in my class. She wants to be an art teacher and I think that is awesome! Savannah will be attending SCAD in the Fall. We will miss you Miss Savannah!

I adore this one.

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  1. this is soooooooo amazing!i wonder how did you motivate the kids to do this....what are the instructions?im just sooooooo impressed!i want to do this with my third grade class too!