Thursday, September 13, 2012

I love my glue gun.

I laughed when I got my recent purchase order because I ordered 10 pounds of hot glue sticks. This is my drawer filled with 10 pounds of glue sticks. I have gotten quite a few emails asking me what I hang displays with and here's your answer. I love my glue gun.


  1. Can you tell me how you use hot glue to hang your art?? Thanks!

    1. I just put a ladybug size dot in each corner of the art and stick it on the wall! When I'm ready to take the art down, I have a scraper tool that I use. It is on a long pole so I can reach high stuff. I think its what people use to scrape paint off windows...sort of like a dull blade. I just slip the scraper under the corners and it pops the glue and the art right off. We have painted cinder block walls in my school. Every once in a while the wall gets a little scratched but nothing anyone would notice but me. I never roll tape anymore. I hope that helps! Thanks for reading my blog:)